Freelance .NET Developer

17 years experience, Manchester

SQL Server

Simon Cooke, SPC Media LTD, ASP.NET developer

Hello, I'm Simon and I offer ASP.NET website development services through my company, SPC Media Ltd. Formed in 1999 and based in Manchester, I have extensive experience in ASP.NET production and long working relationships with clients.


Working directly with clients or contracting, I can offer a range of services to deliver content managed, database driven websites to desktop and mobile devices.


I have worked in key development roles for clients in the UK and Ireland, most recently CCEA, Northern Ireland Screen and East Anglian Film Archive.

Recent Projects

Digital Assessment Services (DAS)

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), Belfast

This ASP.NET website and windows application allows a CCEA administrator to manage exam candidate entries, monitor candidate activity in progress during the exam and allow examiners to mark all the exams online.

After a trial in January 2016, the system successfully conducted a first live exam for 664 candidates across 49 different examination centres.

Digital Assessment Services, CCEA

Digital Film Archive

Northern Ireland Screen, Belfast

SPC Media were awarded the project in 2014 to produce a new version of the Digital Film Archive website and kiosk application, to make over 90 hours of moving images available to online and offline visitors.

The ASP.NET website includes a custom content managed area for an administrator to deliver the website content with links to the video hosting by Vimeo. It is built with a responsive design to be usable across multiple devices.

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Digital Film Archive website, Northern Ireland Screen

SPC Media Ltd, Manchester

A self produced website that started back in 2010. Now in its second version, is a property advertising website for agents to list properties for sale or rent in the UK or overseas.

I developed both the front and back end to my own specification for a mobile to desktop website. A data feed is submitted by each agent and processed overnight to deliver the website content. The interface is integrated with Google Maps to conduct searches by location.

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mootz website