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Manchester, UK

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Simon Cooke, SPC Media LTD, ASP.NET developer

Hello, I'm Simon, the founder and director of SPC Media Ltd. We offer ASP.NET website and mobile app development services. Formed in 1999 and based in Manchester, we have extensive experience in ASP.NET production and long working relationships with clients.


Working directly with clients or contracting, we can offer a range of services to deliver content managed, database driven websites to desktop and mobile devices.


We have worked in key development roles for clients in the UK and Ireland, most recently CCEA, Northern Ireland Screen and East Anglian Film Archive.

Recent Projects

Prerequisite Skills (Q Skills)

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), Belfast

Q Skills is used by teachers to record and monitor learner progress against the special needs Q Skills Framework. Additionally it offers an administration section to manage teachers, learners and classes together with informative content on the framework.

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Prerequisite Skills (Q Skills), CCEA

Quest For Learning

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), Belfast

Quest for learning is a guidance and assessment resource to support teachers and classroom assistants of learners with profound & multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), providing ideas for and pathways to learning.

The Quest website is designed to provide a clear, simple method to record and monitor individual progress. It also allows learners to be grouped in classes to simplify the work of recording for teachers. Information on a learner may be seen in both textual and graphical forms. Quest software also gives the opportunity for learner progress to be monitored or reviewed over different time periods. Teachers have the ability to view information on all learners in their school's Quest system.

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Prerequisite Skills (Q Skills), CCEA